Supporting women affected by abuse

Volunteer with us

There are a number of ways you can volunteer for Aanchal WA to help support our work. Your time and commitment will make a big difference and your skills and experiences along with new ideas can truly benefit our work. Aanchal Women’s aid values the support of volunteers and many gain employment with us or go on to have a very successful career in domestic and sexual violence charities or similar fields.

There are a number of projects you can get involved with at both our Newham and Redbridge bases:

Supporting front line case work (advice and advocacy)

Children services (support groups)

Empowerment services (emotional support calls, befriending, follow on support, support groups)

Helpline (Out of hours advice and support)

Local police station support (supporting officer out of hours with DSV cases)

Administrative support


Aanchal are always looking for committed volunteers to support our ‘out of hours’ work either supporting police officers at the local stations or our 24 hour helpline.

How to apply:

We recruit volunteers at regular periods throughout the year. If you are interested in applying, please complete the following volunteer form and return to


All volunteers will receive in-house 2 week training and be partnered with an IDVA for the first 2 month of your volunteering experience.

Volunteer’s story

I joined as a volunteer with Aanchal in September 2013. I was drawn to the organisations due to its vision to ‘break the chain of domestic violence’ by changing the way communities treat domestic violence. I was also drawn to Aanchal’s mission to equally support all those who are subjected to domestic violence and turn to ‘Aanchal for help.’ These ambitions matched with my aspirations to work towards a world where violence against women in all its forms is eradicated.

Although this was a belief that I held to deeply I needed the confidence to translate it into action. Aanchal delivered an excellent training programme that allowed me as a volunteer to gain confidence as I was given the opportunity to learn the necessary knowledge to help victims of domestic violence.

The support I received from the Aanchal team whilst volunteering also enabled me to gain valuable skills. These valuable skills include empowering women and giving advice relating to practical issues such as benefit and housing advice.

As a volunteer I felt extremely rewarded working to provide much needed support to victims of domestic violence. This satisfaction was also present after I was offered paid employment with Aanchal as I felt this was a unique opportunity to perform this valuable work as part of a career opportunity. I know that the valuable skills, knowledge and support enabled me to gain employment in such an important field of work.

Every day I feel a sense of reward as I feel that this work practically conforms to my ambition to live in a world where violence against women in all its forms is eradicated. I feel that this type of work has the ability to change the lives of whole communities and has already had a positive effect, particularly amongst the lives of vulnerable women who have turned to Aanchal for help. Being in the position to empower women and watch the transitions they make from victim to independence and happiness is a very fulfilling journey to be part of.


I feel there is a coming together that happens during volunteering that bridges the gap between “us and them.” By volunteering I talk with people I would probably never talk to. By volunteering I get to make a difference I would probably never have made.

The call to serve has really been in my heart for a long time. I didn’t know how to harness this call until I found Aanchal Women’s Aid.   I feel like I’ve been on a true journey being put in situations I’ve been needed the most. I volunteer twice a week as a Tamil speaking case worker and I get no greater joy than knowing that I make a difference. I know from the wonderful Tamil speaking clients, how important my presence as an interpreter is. I understand how tough life can be so I want the client we serve to think about goodness whenever they think about Aanchal.

I have witnessed change in people I believed were immune to it, I have seen hope rekindled in women who assumed that no one cared for them, and I have seen my colleagues restore some faith in those who lacked it. I have seen case workers and volunteers rise to any and every predicament and take charge to ensure a good time for those whom they were there to help. I have also met women who were helped by Aanchal, and later become volunteers themselves in order to give back to others and to thank us for our contributions. These have been the most rewarding experiences of my life.

I feel very grateful to this wonderful organisation, and at the end of the day, I go home feeling blessed and in a state of gratitude, for all the blessings in my life. I go to each client meeting knowing that we are all connected, and that by the end of our lives, it does not matter what we have accomplished or accumulated, but what really matters is what hearts we have touched, one person at a time.

Being a volunteer at Aanchal has been a wonderful enhancement to my life and I know I will always be a part of it, one way or another.