Supporting women affected by abuse

Refuge and housing

A refuge is a safe house where women and children can escape from domestic abuse. The address is confidential, only the support workers and those residing at the property will have access. All women and children living in the house will have experienced domestic abuse. It’s a safe place where you can access emotional and practical support from specialist trained support workers.

There are refuges specifically for women from particular ethnic or cultural backgrounds providing multi lingual and culturally aware key workers who can best support your needs.

If you would like to find out more about a refuge, please call our advisors on 0203 384 9412 who would be happy to answer any questions you may have.


If you are considering staying with friends or relatives while you think about what to do next, ensure relatives will keep your whereabouts confidential and that you don’t leave a trail of information behind you.

Aanchal Women’s Aid can help support with an application for temporary housing from your local council, this is often a bed and breakfast hotel/hostel. However, not everyone leaving home due to violence is entitled to emergency accommodation but advocates at Aanchal can support with identifying what your options and choices are.

We can help support you look for privately rented accommodation or arrange legal support to protect your rights to your home and protect you whether you choose to stay or leave permanently. The legal options available to you will be determined by key factors such as ownership of the property, whether you have children, immigration status etc.