Supporting women affected by abuse

Honour-based violence and forced marriage

Honour Based Violence, Forced Marriage, Female Genital Mutilation

It is important to recognise and remember that enforcing a marriage without consent and committing abuse and crime because of honour are preventable forms of crime and can save lives and cycles of abuse for generations to come.


It is often difficult for survivors to recognise these types of abuse as they can take many forms without being apparent as acts of abuse. These involve emotional blackmail, can be camouflaged as caring acts for the best prospects of the survivor. Mostly committed on young people who look up to their parents/carers as those who know best. Often perpetrators do not recognise their actions and criminal offences. These crimes can lead to community ostracisation and murder. LGBT people and people with mental health issues and disabilities are victimised. Survivors find it hard to report as they may love their perpetrators.