Supporting women affected by abuse

Empowerment programme and befriending groups

Aanchal provides a 12-week half day empowerment programmes to help women become strong and independent individuals. The programme covers themes on “Inner Self”, (how you make decisions) understanding root causes of emotions, cycles of behaviours. “The Bodily Self”, (How you react to circumstances) understanding how life experiences, emotions and decisions can affect mental and physical health. “The External Environment”, (how others and environment affect you),awareness of external factors and recognition of resources to help move forward.


We also convene weekly groups accessed by women in a safe and confidential environment. The purpose of these groups is to cover topical issues that are relevant to the women and to provide education and information. We see a direct correlation between access to knowledge and an increase in self-confidence. These groups also provide a safe space for women to come together and to discuss the impact of their abuse in a safe and non-judgemental environment.