Supporting women affected by abuse


We provide one-to-one counselling support, to help women deal with the trauma of abuse. Counselling provides women with the opportunity to release negative emotions and help gain strength in taking up positive actions for life improvement.

Normally women access 10 one hour support sessions per week, extending to a maximum of 16 sessions if required.


Women receiving this service reported a deeper understanding of their emotions and were able to place these into compartmetns, eliminating the feeling of burden and cluttered thoughts. They were then able to deal with each category at different times, making their decision making more informed and ability to deal with things just one at a time.

“I felt suicidal and couldn’t see a way out. By my 12th session with counselling I was able to breathe better, think clearly and felt I could make decisions and generally felt happier about life. I want to tell everyone that there are always solutions and no one is alone. Just ask for help”

— Survivor 2015