Supporting women affected by abuse

Children and youth services

Our Children Services support children up to the age of 16 years, who are affected by domestic abuse. We provide support through one-on-one coaching sessions and group support sessions.


Each child in our care has a key worker assigned to him or her. We work with the parents and family to ensure that any obstacles to the wellbeing of the child are dealt with, such as benefit issues, lack of parenting skills, health aspects etc.


Teen Suicide Prevention

Suicidal behaviour in teens can lead to tragic consequences, with teen suicide as the third leading cause of adolescent death.


Many teenagers share their thoughts and feelings in a desperate attempt to be acknowledged. In many cases, they don’t know how to deal with their feelings and problems resulting from an upbringing in an abusive environment and are looking for someone to help them. Teen suicide is a very real danger, and heeding the warning signs can truly save a life.


Part of preventing teen suicide also includes recognising the issues that can trigger feelings of teen depression leading to suicidal thoughts and feelings. Teen suicide prevention requires diligence on the part of guardians, as well as a willingness to seek professional help when it is needed.


One of the most important aspects of teen suicide prevention is support. The teenager needs to know that you support and love him or her, and that you are willing to help him or her find hope in life again. Our Key Child Support Officer works with young people by engaging in dialogue, building trust and a gentle relationship on the terms of the teenager, providing a platform to listen and understand from the perspective of they young person. We understand life is complicating at any age, but very complex when growing up learning to cope. The important thing to remember is that you need not feel alone.

We offer one to one coaching, and group activities where young people can support each other and have fun.

We take practical steps to help young people overcome obstacles such as issues in schools, family matters, relationships.