Supporting women affected by abuse

Our funders


Funded by Queen Anne’s Gate Foundation since 2009, we have delivered numerous projects over the years, including, continuation of our 24 Hour Helpline, Strategy Development,Child Support Programmes.

We regularly tackle root causes, even when this means taking our research abroad to achieve impact.


Mainly funded by London Borough of Newham through MOPAC, we provide front line access to low and medium risk and assess and sign post high risk cases, providing interventions to help women engage with and action safeguarding plans for themselves and their children.

We provide one to one counselling, weekly empowerment groups, weekly drop-in sessions, young people’s support Drop In sessions.

To raise awareness and challenge negative attitudes, we provide regular training sessions in schools, GP surgeries and to community groups.

Managing the 24 Hour One Stop Shop, with signposting to partners including taking FGM referrals (Manor Gardens), Exiting Street Sex Work (Open Doors).

We are located at Forest Gate Police Station weekdays, providing contact support and working with Met Police to achieve the best outcomes for women who need us.

We are co-located also at TRIAGE Newham, supporting DSV referrals.


Funded by MOPAC Victims fund: support women living in Redbridge who have No Recourse to Public Funds.  Provision of one to one and follow up support.  Women affected by domestic abuse with Spouse Visas will receive help to apply for indefinite leave to remain –  women with other types of visas will be supported to understand their circumstances and options available.  We accept self-referrals via telephone or email. This project is further complemented by weekly paralegal support from Bowling and Co solicitors.  Women are able to join other activities of Aanchal to enhance their day to day lives.This is a non-intimidating, approachable service, inviting women to speak to us even if they do not want to take any action.


Funded by Redbridge Emerging Needs, the Women Together Project, brings women with similar experiences together, seeking support together, integrating into local services together (for example:access to local Library facilities).  This Project has become a platform which informs Aanchal Women’s Aid and other services what emerging needs they face.  For example, many women who otherwise will not have accessed support, report that they are very lonely in the borough, no one talks to them and mothers at school do not communicate.  They report this can be because of language barriers but also because they themselves are new to the borough and desperately trying to fit in.  We aim to continue the group activities beyond the funded period, hoping to secure funds for at least the venue costs and refreshments in the group which is key to ensure a safe and happy place to come together.


Funded by BBC Children in Need, Our Key Child Support Worker provides one to one support and coaching to young people, working with families to support siblings and providing interventions to achieve a happy place in families and communities. The support offered is unique, holistic and welcomed by children and young people who may otherwise not have opportunity to disclose how they feel or what their needs are.  Young people come together during summer activities such as group support or trips out to seaside or nature and parents are supported to achieve the best outcomes for their children.  We state that children should be able to live life as children and young people and be able to play, enjoy life and achieve for their better futures.  We encourage young people to get involved supporting activities or other events in the organisation so they begin to feel part of the community.


Funded by Redbridge: Development of training modules and special interventions for GP surgeries to support women affected by DSV and to support GP’s with recommendations for best outcomes, we deliver training and liaison to support referrals and local interventions.

Funded by Redbridge: we provide training to Headteachers and Senior Schools Staff to understand identification of Domestic and Sexual Abuse, making referrals and taking safeguarding actions, understanding current local services.  Learning includes understanding barriers to support such as Honour Based Violence, Forced Marriage, FGM, LGBT needs, No Recourse to Public Funds.